Icelandic Music I am Listening to Right Now # 1

So, there’s a few Icelandic songs I can’t get out of my head right now – here’s two of them – happy listening!

Sharpen the Knife by Who Knew?:

And an oldie but goodie:

Underwear by FM Belfast


4 thoughts on “Icelandic Music I am Listening to Right Now # 1

  1. I love that music! I love your blog. I am also glad the folks don’t flock!
    I was just near the hotdog stand! Some of the Islenski images shown on my blog are taken near the Harpa, the new opera house. My next post will show some art off the main street. I hope you will read it.
    Peace, sarahdorrance

  2. Hey there, just stumbled upon your blog from a comment you made on someone else’s. I have been enchanted by Iceland. Just something about its mood and character, and the amazing, innovative artists there (huuuuge Björk fan). Thanks for telling me about two more bands I didn’t know about from this great place 🙂 Who Knew? kind of sounds like Sunset Rubdown. Anyway, cool blog!

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