An open letter to the Yule Lads

Dear Jólasveinarnir

I have read that what Icelanders want for Christmas is an ipad rather than a lopapeysa. Just in case you are bored with sourcing ipads and are reading this, here are a few things from Iceland that I want for Christmas:

Icewearjust about anythingbut these would do for a start –

I love Icewear and their clothes actually fit me, unlike 66° North who I also like but everything has super-long arms.

Fishskin laptop bag from Kraum –

Definitely designed by a woman

One in each colour please, netbook size.

Felted lamps also by Kraum –

Cozy bedside reading

Farmer’s Market cardigan

You can never have too much wool

Yes, more clothes. I have to make sure I don’t get eaten by the Christmas Cat. I haven’t actually tried on anything of theirs so you may need to take arm length into account again!

A lifetime supply of Ris chocolate to help with my running –

Gorgeously huge crispiness in chocolate form

Blue Lagoon silica mud mask –

A very touristy choice I know. But this really does make your skin soft.

Could you also get me the new Gnarr DVD but WITH English subtitles? Some of us only half-watched this on Icelandair, thinking it was hilarious and looking forward to buying it. Oh, is that just me? Yes, I’m annoyed.

Finally, can I please have my own Icelandic horse, sheepdog, holiday house with its own hot spring and a jumpseat on Icelandair?

Takk fyrir!

Updated: apparently the Gnarr DVD is out with subtitles early next year…so maybe the Yule Lads really are listening to me!

I’d love to know what any of you are hoping to get from Iceland this year…


4 thoughts on “An open letter to the Yule Lads

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