Icelandic chocolate review : Prins

I like Icelandic chocolate:

When travelling to a different country I love buying something to eat and not knowing exactly what it’s going to be like. My stash includes some old favourites and some new ones that intrigued me. And luckily for you, I am going to sample them all and let you know which ones you should try.

This week I bring you Prins:

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, but because it was big and had such a grand name I imagined it would have lots of different elements to it – maybe some nuts, maybe some caramel, maybe some liquorice, maybe some crispies.

I was therefore surprised to find it was basically a dark chocolate wafer:

The dark chocolate is really nice, and has more of a sweet edge to it than British dark chocolate. In fact, I would say Icelandic chocolate generally is more like American chocolate.

The outer chocolate on this one is surprisingly flaky and breaks off when you’re eating it, so it’s quite messy and not a good one to eat in the car.

Overall, it reminded me of a dark chocolate Kit Kat. It’s tasty, but I’d prefer my chocolate bars to have a bit more interest to them. This is why I don’t usually have Kit Kats either.

My rating out of 10 = 6

However, as a second opinion, Mr IdratherbeinIceland really liked it, and thought the dark chocolate was particularly interesting as it was both bitter and sweet. He thought the overall vibe was that of a Cadbury’s Time Out.

His rating out of 10 = 8

Are any of you fans of the Prins bar?


15 thoughts on “Icelandic chocolate review : Prins

  1. I LOVE going to a new place and trying something I have never had before. I tried that once too, without visiting another country, when I lived in Las Vegas. I went with some friends to a South American restaurant. When the menu said the name of a plant, I didn’t really expect it to be the WHOLE THING. Flower pod and all. :/ I don’t remember now what the name of the dish was, nor the type of food. I think Paraguayan, but I am not sure. I didn’t like it. It tasted like a flower pod. Hehe

      • Nope, would not cook at home. I knew it was a plant, that was fine, but thought it might be in a salad or something. But, it just lay there on the plate. Big and green, attached to the stem, could see the pod. It had a very grainy texture. I’m always game to try. That was one time I was not impressed. 🙂

  2. I just love this kind of chocolate. Actually I was walking around here in Berlin the other day and was happily surprised to find some Icelandic chocolate on the market. I just love the combination chocolate/licorice..

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