Svartifoss – a basalt beauty

One of my favourite sights in Iceland is Svartifoss, or “Black Waterfall”.

Situated in Skaftafell National Park, this is a relatively small waterfall by Icelandic standards, but the black basalt columns make it really unique and instantly recognisable. The falls are only about 20 metres high.

There is a nice walk to get to Svartifoss which builds your anticipation.

And you don’t even have to pay to see it! Iceland is surprisingly un-commercial when it comes to its spectacular natural resources.

The pictures above are taken on my old camera and don’t do it justice. I’ll get some better ones next year! There are many better photos online which also show the greater surroundings.


Check it out in the winter!

Both of the above images are from Wikipedia

For those of you who have been there – how would you rank Svartifoss amongst the many waterfalls of Iceland?


13 thoughts on “Svartifoss – a basalt beauty

  1. When we had a walk to Svartifoss (my son and I had an Iceland road trip a couple years back, it was fantastic and I want to go back) it was still really snowy and we were the only people around. The onward trip in our hire car to the hostel we were at was pretty wild in heavy snow 🙂

    I only took a couple of photos whilst we were up at the waterfall :
    snow balance - Svartifoss, Iceland

    really like your blog btw!

  2. My number 4 waterfall after Goðafoss, Skógafoss, and Seljalandsfoss. Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss get higher marks because of the rainbows that I saw form on both of those falls. I only made it to Skaftafell once and the best image of that walk came from Hundafoss because the weather had started to fail by the time I made it to Svartifoss.

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  4. Svartifoss is definitely on my Iceland top 3. I had it all to myself at around 6:30AM and it was about a 2 hour run from Hotel Skaftafell to there and back (with a glacier detour). Awesome blog!

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