The scarf is done!

With aching fingers I am pleased to tell you that my attempt at knitting a scarf with Icelandic wool is done!!!

Last time you saw it, it looked like this:

(read my original post here)

This is probably the best thing I’ve made yet, although it does have some annoying mistakes in it. It also had many, many ends to weave in, and this was good practice for me, I was getting quite good by the end.

Here is the finished product:

Ends left for each stripe - fiddly for a beginner!

Somehow in my knitting I must have twisted the whole thing around at some point as most of the “wrong side” (ie showing colour changes) is on one side, but there is a section in the middle where it’s on the other side, so I’ve ended up with two wrong sides! Also, the pattern is a stockinette stitch which I have always read shouldn’t be done with scarves as you end up with curled up sides. So, as expected I do have curled up sides but they curl both up and down, again because I must have twisted the whole thing around at that point in the middle.

Curly sides that should all be the same on each side but aren't - oops!

Anyway, all that aside, I’m really glad I stuck with it and it’s the longest thing I’ve ever made and all practice is good practice. Unfortunately we are having a typical English MILD winter so I’m not sure when I’m ever going to get to wear it. I’m wearing it now so that at least it gets some use!

My general neatness in stitching has improved a lot lately

I did have just enough to make my little helper her own little scarf but she wasn’t too impressed with it.

Are you done yet?

Oh, you're weaving in the ends, how boring, I'm going back to sleep

HOLD ON - I never said I wanted my own scarf!!

The next thing I am going to make is a merino wool scarf for Mr I’dratherbeiniceland, and that is going to expand my repertoire even more as it will involve knitting with two colours at once AND doing slip stitches for the first time. I know, very exciting stuff here.

Back to the Icelandic wool. I have 50 grams of the same lett lopi in dark brown and need to think of what to do with that.

I also have 100 grams of this:

which looked pretty in the shop but now I’m not sure what to do with it – not another scarf! Suggestions welcome.

I'd rather play with this than wear it


24 thoughts on “The scarf is done!

  1. The closest I ever came to knitting was making a sweater out of an old wool sock for a cat with a wounded shoulder. I only had to know how to use scissors (fortunately I did).

    • Thank you, that’s really kind! Go for it with the knitting, and maybe unlike me, you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where you can actually go and have some lessons. For me the hard thing about being self-taught is not knowing how to fix mistakes without completely starting over (and sometimes you can’t do that). When it’s going well, it’s very relaxing! 🙂

  2. Is that felted wool you’re working with next? What about making a headband/earwarmer sort of thing? It’s a pretty color. I’m a beginning knitter myself and am moving forward much more tentatively than you are, I think!

    • No, it isn’t felted wool, but felting is very popular in Iceland. Good idea, I think headbands are pretty easy! I did attempt one before but it made me realise what a small head I must have as my head got dwarfed by it quite quickly. I do enjoy knitting but find it frustrating as there is so much I would like to do and am not sure I will be able to do without someone or some course to help me.

  3. Your scarf is beautiful!!! Love the colors too. I tried knitting once, it is hard and after crocheting for many years I found it hard to get my fingers to move the correct way for knitting. I think I will stick to crocheting. Hmmm…haven’t done that in a while, might have to find something to crochet. Beautifully done scarf there!

      • I have heard the same thing too about going from knitting to crocheting. Crocheting is pretty easy. I have also heard harder to go the other way. I found it hard too, my fingers just didn’t want to go the way they needed too! You mean mittens that are both crocheted and knitted?

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