Can you tell where it is yet?

Many people do not realise that despite its chilly name, none of mainland Iceland lies within the Arctic Circle. Only Grímsey Island, 25 miles north of the mainland, is within the Arctic Circle. It’s not really worth going there unless you really, really want to just be able to say that you were in the Arctic Circle. Me, I’m happy enough to enjoy the view from the mainland.

This picture was taken a few years ago on a bad camera – you can just about see the island in the distance. Here is a better perspective on this small island:


I’m guessing none of you have made the effort to visit Grímsey – but let me know if you have! I’d be interested in hearing about your experience.


18 thoughts on “Can you tell where it is yet?

    • There’s other countries that are better for Arctic Circle visits for sure. I suppose the Equator would be another fun place to say you’ve been. I’ve been to Singapore which is 1 degree north of it. (I just looked that up!). Definitely prefer cold to hot.

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