A trip to a dark and snowy Reykjavík? Yes, please…

For the past few days I’ve had one of those angel vs devil conversations going around in my head:

Angel: I have a couple of days off in February. Won’t it be nice to just be at home relaxing?

Devil: Yes, but I could go to Iceland.

Angel: It’s not that long since I’ve been, and I’m going again in a few months. And remember that post I just wrote about Too Many Tourists in Iceland?

Devil: Yes, but look at all the snow they’ve been having! I’ve never seen Iceland in snow. And it’s an exceptionally good year for Northern Lights. And I’m not going to have much time in Reykjavík when we go later in the year.

Angel: But it would mean spending money, and mess up my running training, and mess up my current healthy eating regime which I’m actually sticking to for once…

Devil: But I could practice my Icelandic and it would tick off “visit Iceland in winter” on my bucket list. And I just love Reykjavík. So what if it’s going to be dark and I’m going to join the list of people complaining about the mix of snow and ice that is making it difficult to get around at the moment. It would be an adventure.

Angel: All right all right, I’ll do it!!

(Why does the Devil always win in these conversations?)

So I am unexpectedly going to have a short visit Iceland in a few weeks!  I’m looking forward to mooching around my favourite shops and I think the cold entitles me to several hot chocolates a day. This time, I’ll be wondering if what I’m doing is interesting enough to blog about. Oh, the pressures of being a blogger!

I hope there is still some snow when I go as seeing everything look that little bit different would be fun. I could do without scenes like this though, both of which featured in the Iceland Review recently:

If it is still snowy I might have to go on a Golden Circle tour just to see a frozen Gullfoss.

And hey – I’ll have a chance to wear all the proper winter clothes I love!

Any suggestions of things to do that I might not have thought of or input on your favourite places in the city are welcome as always.


32 thoughts on “A trip to a dark and snowy Reykjavík? Yes, please…

  1. I’m not usually in the interest of suggesting blog posts as I understand how much work goes into them. However, I personally would be really interested to hear about how you usually travel over there. How long does it take you and is it always a pleasant experience? Any do’s and don’ts from your experience? Good luck with your trip and I would second knotrune’s request for photos. Love to see more of the place even if it is via my laptop from my house in England…….for now 😉

    • I must say I do love reading details of other people’s trips but then when I come to write I find it boring to include details just because I know them already. It might be fun to include some stuff I wouldn’t normally have thought to include and at least it gives me some good blog fodder for a while. Don’t worry, photos will be the easy bit!

  2. I’ve been there in late March twice and loved it. A trip to Snæfellsness taken the day after a 3″ snowfall was unforgettable- the sky was very dark and the mountain tops were a glowing white- I have never seen anything like it before or since!

  3. Any time in Iceland is good time spent! Do be careful of trekking around in winter if you are not used to it. My high school girlfriend (yes, we’ve stayed in touch for over 40 years) and her husband were there a few weeks ago as he had never seen the Northern Lights. While hiking on a glacier she fell and twisted a knee. The Icelandic health care system took care of the immediate problem, but she just had surgery on Friday back in Portland. She should be fine again in a couple of months.

  4. So you have a little devil and angel too when it comes to Iceland ? Well, I always think that the angel, while its intentions are good, will just make you regret the things you didn’t do. So, sometimes you just HAVE TO follow that little devil and have fun.

    And it doesn’t have to mess up your running schedule – you can do a morning run along the Saebraut and fill your lungs with fresh air (that’ll make up for any guilt on the eating front …).

    And as for wearing your favourite winter clothes … that struck a cord with me. So … on balance … go for it and have fun !

    • I think that also the older you get you have more of a “life’s too short not to do things I want to do” mentality. I’m not going to bother with the running there (just plan around it) but am more worried about the food aspect as it will be pretty hard not to eat junk food when there because it’s just easier. It’s only a few days so I am just going to eat what I want and hope it doesn’t impact my running for too long when I get back.
      I hope you get there soon. We have finally had a cold snap here so I’m wearing my scarf at last.

      • Last time I was there it seemed as if I lived on Harðfiskur and red wine. (Not really, but I actually lost weight. Avoid the pastries – they are killers!)

      • I really wish I liked Harðfiskur but I really don’t…I’m just going to try and be a little bit more mindful of what I eat than I normally would be on holiday, but hey, it is holiday, so I also want to eat things I like. And I’ll be doing lots of walking around rather than sitting at a desk all day.

  5. Too bad almost all of the snow has now gone, at least in Reykjavík. I guess you can’t depend on the weather here for anything 🙂

    I see you are a training for a marathon. I would recommend you try the Reykjavik Marathon some day. Last summer I ran the 21 km marathon and it was great. The best part is that on the same day is the Reykjavík Culture Night, which is a great festival of culture and other activities.

    • Typical…I will just have to wait and see. It would be a real treat to see the place with some snow. I’ll be keeping an eye on the news and everyone’s blogs for updates!

      I considered doing the 21km race last year. To be honest, for me it is an unappealing time to visit as August is particularly expensive AND crowded with other tourists. But, I would love to run a race in Iceland and I’m sure I will come and do it some time. The midnight run in June always looks fun too. Will you be running again this year?

  6. You will have a great time, im sure. You must make a trip to the Glacier, and see frozen Gullfoss. Beautiful.. Maybe you can even rent a sommerhouse for a weekend, spend your cold snowy nights in the hot tub looking at Northern lights… 😉 i dont know how long time you have, if there is no snow in Reykjavík when you go, or you have time to visit for 2 to 4 days, go to Westfjords. If ypu want snow, you will most defenitely find it there 😉

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