Dark castles

The Dimmuborgir (dark castles) area near Lake Mývatn in northern Iceland is a fascinating place of lava formations and pillars created about 2,000 years ago.

For some reason you want to go and stand inside these spaces just because you can.

Bigger than you thought? Get out of my picture now...

This formation is called Kirkjan (the church) for obvious reasons:

Be careful if you visit though, as this area is said to connect earth with the infernal regions. You should also look out for elves and trolls. As usual, Iceland’s natural landscape is so dramatic and unexpected that you could imagine all kinds of things happening here. (or am I reading too many Icelandic crime books?)


19 thoughts on “Dark castles

  1. Icelanders do believe in elves, still to this day. They interfeare when people try to moove their houses( stones) in building constructions, and so on.
    They are known for going into people houses and “borrow” things and then return them, or not. Kitchen things and stuff like that. This especially occurs in Hafnafjordur. Still today, the construction machines “mistically” break down if they are to moove some big rocks,. Therfore, we still believe in stuff like that.. Or many of us 🙂
    And it is said they dont like to appear to people, but they do often appear to children, and children get to play with them 🙂
    Thats what the story says……. 😉

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