I love TV socks!

I decided to branch out and try knitting something other than scarves. Being desperate to knit something out of my already mentioned brilliant Icelandic knitting book, I picked what looks like one of the easier things to make and also by coincidence one of the things I would most like to make from the book – TV Socks.

In case you are wondering what TV socks are, this excerpt is from the book:

“When TV broadcasting first began in Iceland in 1966 it soon became the center of attention in people’s homes…People ate special TV snacks on TV nights, everyone had their own TV cup to drink from as they watched, and each home had a special TV blanket. The housewives even knit special TV socks that the whole family was supposed to wear while watching TV, to prevent their feet from getting cold while sitting still.”

What a great idea! I’m fed up with slippers that expand to the point where they are too big to wear anymore.  I like these because they are multi-coloured and something between slippers and socks. And I like that you could make them out of any 4 colours that you want and make each sock either the same or differen – oh, the possibilities!

The bit that I did not know how to do is sewing them up at the end. You also sew/embroider/crochet if you can over the top whatever pattern you want, ie zig-zags, or laces, or anything you can think of. Sewing scares me! I had to enlist help for those last steps.

Cool pattern across top of socks

I  made my first attempt using leftover yarn in 4 quite random colours. I think it came out looking pretty good – or is it just because I like multi-coloured things? Here it is before the sewing up stage:

How can that become a sock?? No heels, no left/right, all very easy.

After sewing up by clever Mr I’d Rather Be in Iceland:

Back view – looks like a fish! This grey colour is one that changes as you go along so this is all one colour, although it has darker bits and lighter bits.Neither of us can embroider or crochet, so not a lot we could do with the top pattern bit. I think this looks like cool laces though:

And finally on my foot!

I have to admit, I don’t really understand how it all came together because it didn’t seem like it was going to go up my leg at all as it was so small, and it doesn’t have any kind of sock shape when not on your foot. But it worked! And if I could do this, any of you beginner knitters could, the knitting is very simple.

I’m really looking forward to buying lopi in Iceland for more of these. I can think of many colour combinations but am wondering if I should just go with colours I like as I think pretty much anything would look good? I can’t wait to hold lots of colours together and experiment. I just have to try not to buy every single colour! Very exciting.

On to sock two now…

Have you ever worked on something that came out better than you thought it would? And do any of you Icelanders actually have such a wonderful thing as TV socks??


8 thoughts on “I love TV socks!

    • Well you know, it hadn’t even occurred to me this time last year to try knitting. It would be nice to know more local knitters though as I suspect your problem is the same as mine, in that you have a quite simple question but no one to really spend time with you sorting the problems out!

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