Time deprivation

The bad news is…I’ve been a little lazy with my posting lately. I’m generally of the belief that if you haven’t got anything good to post, then don’t post anything! But I also like posting and with being super busy at work and life lately I’ve been rushing my posts out rather than just taking a break.

The good news is…I have many things I am excited to post about from my recent short visit to Reykjavík. (See, you didn’t even miss me due to the power of post scheduling.) I’ve got my blogging mojo back! Now I just need the time!

An optimistic sight from Reykjavík:

On a side note, it’s interesting to see how your blog readership evolves and changes. My search engine visitors seem to keep increasing but I think those are mostly one-off visitors and not regular readers. This is probably the time of year when a lot of people are thinking about going to Iceland in the summer and planning trips.

Although I have done Facebook and Twitter to death already, I thought I’d experiment and see if using them would drive traffic to this site. For now I have created a Twitter account and am only going to link to blog posts from it, I’m not going down the road of what I have eaten for breakfast today type stuff! I’d be interested to know if these sites work for any of you fellow bloggers.


25 thoughts on “Time deprivation

  1. I have linked my blog to Twitter although I’m not a tweet person. I think I’m too chatty to say what I have to say in 140 characters. I do however have people who now read my blog because they’ve found me on Twitter. I don’t link my blog to Facebook though – most of my friends, apart from two don’t even know that I have a blog. Good luck. I hope this works for you. One of the ways I found that increased regular readers was through some of the awards I received. Through the recommendation from others passing on the awards and in me nominating others it is lovely to see a little group of bloggers I have come to know all popping up in the same handful of sights. This handful of sites/blogs is now growing. It’s a great way to raise awareness of your blog and of the blogs of others that you enjoy.

    • I know what you mean, I have attempted Twitter and find it way too limiting. Also too hard to keep up with as it becomes information overload. I do find it useful for celebrities and news. I closed my Facebook account and most of my “friends” didn’t even notice!
      The awards are great. Like you, I’ll sometimes see someone I know commenting on another blog and think “how do they know each other??” but actually, it’s a pretty small world.
      I still have the dilemma of quantity vs quality of readers, I would rather have a few readers who really like the blog than loads of casual readers. I would have very mixed feelings about being Freshly Pressed. Not that they’ve asked me anyway. 🙂

  2. Now you’ve got me looking at statistics. Time is a most precious commodity and the older you get the more you realize this. I read you because you are interesting and write well, and because of our mutual interest. That is what keeps me coming back. I am weary of Facebook and find less and less time for it. Glad you were able to get to Iceland for a short visit. Lucky you!

    • Thanks for your kind words Jon. It’s interesting, there are some blogs I read because they are about Iceland, and some because I just like the writing, and luckily, some have both elements! I agree re Facebook. Maybe we are just old. But it does seem to have had its day now aside from if you want to promote something like your blog or business. My favourite readers are fellow bloggers because you all know how hard it can be sometimes to keep your blog going.
      I hope you will book a trip soon – listen to your own words – time is a most precious commodity.

  3. I occasionally share posts on my personal FB page. I was thinking that it wasn’t doing much to drive traffic, but about once a week or so my friends will mention a post that I wrote and that they liked it. I guess my real-life friends are lazy commentors 🙂

    • Weird huh, it makes you wonder how many people and who are reading and don’t comment. I must admit that I never commented before I started my own, it just wouldn’t have occurred to me. At least your real-life friends read yours! Mine are spectacularly uninterested which I still can’t get over.

  4. I use Facebook and Twitter a lot and it generates a lot of my traffic. I can also tell you that Facebook is overtaking some of our top referral sites on the websites I manage for work too and that’s solely because people are sharing our content on Facebook.

    Both Facebook and Twitter are labor intensive and if you don’t put an effort into it, as in doing more than just linking the blog to them it’s not likely to do anything for you. Both these mediums are about conversations – not broadcasting.

    • Hello! Thanks for visiting. Yes, I agree, Facebook and Twitter are more for having little conversations through the day. I’m being lazy, having shut personal accounts on both of these, and not wanting them to take over my life but still wondering if they would drive blog traffic! I’m really loving blogging and reading other people’s blogs instead. But then it comes down to, how much do I really care about driving blog traffic? An interesting dilemma.

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