The return of Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós are Iceland’s most internationally famous musicians alongside Björk. They have been on a self-imposed hiatus since 2008, although singer Jónsi has recently enjoyed success with his solo album Go. Suddenly my Icelandic news and Twitter feeds are all lit up with Sigur Rós news again as they have a new album, Valtari, scheduled for release on 28 May. Yesterday they released this video of Ekki Múkk from the new album. I have to admit it hasn’t grown on me yet, but it probably will.

Now that their music is played in the background of so many TV shows and films, I wonder if their writing style has changed and now they are writing songs already imagining them as the soundtrack to something. It’s quite a feat to have accidentally achieved global success in this way.

As much I love some of their music, some of it is very quiet and not good to listen to when you’re in the car driving down the motorway every day. It’s much better to listen to in the dark with headphones on or in the middle of an Icelandic landscape. I’ll have to dig out some old favourites again and hope the new ones will be just as good.

If you haven’t discovered them yet and you are interested in Iceland generally, they have a DVD called Heima featuring them playing to some very small Icelandic audiences and with really good footage from around the countryside. An easy way to learn some of their music and also see the beauty of Iceland! Here is the trailer.


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