I’m sorry, but this IS a weird church

I find most of Iceland’s churches intriguing. Not that I am particularly into church architecture, but there is something very simple and sometimes bleak about the churches you see in Iceland. I mean this in a good way and I like the way they look. I like English churches for quite the opposite reason as they are so grand. But that’s a different post.

There is one church in Reykjavík that I can only ever see in the distance and it intrigues me. It’s called Áskirkja and it reminds me of things like spaceships and rabbits. It’s modern weirdness. I do wonder what it’s like on the inside – maybe really ornate and olde worlde?

Disclaimer: I’m sure the people that attend this church are perfectly normal, but maybe they haven’t noticed this isn’t the prettiest church in town.


12 thoughts on “I’m sorry, but this IS a weird church

  1. In college, I referred to the chapel as the math building because it had a big plus sign on top. I don’t see a big plus sign on this one, though.

  2. Its a Lutherian church 🙂 and inside it shows, i.e plain appearance, white walls, plain altar, not much decoration or religious icons, just the most basic ones. But it is feels like when you are inside that you are in a concert hall with uncomfortable seats 😉 since it is a churc after all. And yes, we do have had a free creativity in architecture in Iceland when it comes to modern churches. Many of them are a bit postmodern in style and form. Every version is allowed. So! if it weren´t for the cross, which is there somewhere in the design, one would in many towns and villages in Iceland be a bit confused about which building is the church in the place 🙂

    • Thanks Unnur and glad to see you blogging again too. It makes sense that this church would also be quite “stark” on the inside to match the outside. Thinking about it, we do have some churches in England that don’t particularly look like churches, but we have very few buildings of any sort that are this “modern” looking. Next time you visit perhaps you could tell them that their church always catches this tourist’s eye. 🙂

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