The best hot chocolate in Reykjavík?

 C is for Cookie, Týsgata 8

C is for Cookie is an independent café tucked down a side street in a central location. (in simple terms, off the road with the big church at the top) When I heard through the grapevine that they had the best hot chocolate in town, you know I had to check them out!

Run by a Polish couple, the atmosphere is both bright (lots of windows) yet relaxed. Several other people were ensconced there with laptops and it looked like a nice place to sit and watch the world go by. There was an abundance of cakes that looked and smelled really good – sadly I’d already eaten too much that day but did want to make sure I stopped by to try the hot chocolate.

Was it the best in town? I’m not sure. The taste was very good, but the drink itself was more like “warm” than “hot”. I’m sure if I’d asked they would have done something about it. I would give them a thumbs up for their location and affordable homemade baked good which I will have to go back another time to try. They also do sandwiches. Check them out – it’s a good place to sit for a while to rest your feet and admire your purchases!

What do you think? Have you got another favourite independent café in Reykjavík  whose hot chocolate I need to try? I’ve tried all the chains!


7 thoughts on “The best hot chocolate in Reykjavík?

  1. We tried to go to C is for Cookie when we were in Reykjavik in May but had unfortunate timing – they were closed that afternoon because of some kind of power outage! It looked very cute though. We ended up going to a different cafe which was nearby (Babalú), and that was also cute. Loved their giant sandwich cookies. 😀

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