Your recommendations needed! Scandinvian crime fiction

So, I started watching The Bridge / Broen,  a Danish/Swedish crime drama. It’s my new favourite show! I’m pleasantly surprised because I tried to get into The Killing but gave up on it quite quickly.

Scandinavian crime fiction should be my dream genre as it involves grisly murders in grim Nordic places, but aside from the Icelandic authors, I’ve yet to really get into any of the other authors whose books I see everywhere. I’ve picked up a few of these books and flipped through them, but never found one that compelled me to buy it. But, I really do want to discover some new authors and I’d like to give these books a try again.

Please give me your recommendations for which of the current popular authors you like best – Nesbo, Mankell, Lackberg, Larsson, others? – and what it is you like about them. I know reading taste is individual but I also know some of you are big fans of this genre and I would love to know your opinions. You may just help me to find a new favourite author!


24 thoughts on “Your recommendations needed! Scandinvian crime fiction

    • Thanks for the recommendation. A lot of people are into Wallander, aren’t they? I tried watching one episode but couldn’t get into it. Maybe I am just too impatient with things. This is what libraries are for. 🙂

  1. I really enjoyed the three ‘Girl with the dragon tattoo’ movies in Swedish with English subtitles. Haven’t seen the remake with Daniel craig yet. Have been told it is pretty good. Hope to see it real soon though 🙂

    • I bet the Swedish ones are better! I see The Killing is starting the 2nd US series here – I’d rather wait until the original Danish one comes around again and give it a try. I’ve picked up the Dragon Tattoo series several times but the books look so huge and complex that they’ve put me off, but millions of people can’t be wrong…

  2. I think it depends what you like. The dragon tattoo had too much animal cruelty in, I had to stop half way. I read most of them for the setting 🙂 and I’m enjoying the Bridge too, but it’s as much for the languages! I watched a lot of Wallander, the Swedish version, not the English version as they couldn’t even pronounce the names right 😡 but there’s at least two Swedish versions and they change things a lot. I haven’t read any though, some of his storylines can be a bit gory.

    I’ve read quite a few different authors, but I can’t remember them all. I grab them if I spot them in the library or charity shops, so my reading is patchy. They all tend to the dark side though, no ‘cozy murders’! Not sure who I’d recommend as it would depend on what you like in a story and I’d have to go check some info, which I meant to do earlier but didn’t and now it’s late and I’m tired, sorry…

    • Hmm, thanks for the warning. I don’t like the sound of the animal cruelty element. A couple of other people have told me that they found the Larsson series unrealistic because of the romance between the two main characters. As the film is currently on Sky Box Office I’m thinking of just watching it and then if I love the film maybe trying the books. (this breaks a cardinal rule of mine which is never to see the film first because the film is never as good!)
      Looking forward to more of The Bridge tonight – I might even have to watch the first two episodes again. Wondering if I should spread my wings to include other Scandinavian countries in my life more!

      • Gosh, animal cruelty in the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo? I too have the book and I too really do not like the sound of that at all. In the film I guess that would probably have been omitted. I don’t know if I could read it now.

  3. I will be stealing some of these recommendations! I don’t really have a favorite genre yet, so I try to read a little bit of everything. Your interest in everything Scandinavian has me intrigued 🙂

  4. I know I’m a little late for the party, but I have read a couple of books from Jo Nesbø (Norwegian) and I found them good! There is also a movie from one of them, “Headhunters” (Hodejegerne).

  5. I may recommend Johan Theorin, who wrote four crime novels corresponding to the four seasons, all situated on the beuatiful island of Öland (also photo’s of Öland on my blog

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