Icelandic Chocolate Review #3 – Hraun

Well, marathon season is well and truly over and I have been eating my own bodyweight in chocolate again. This time I bring you the creatively named “Hraun” (lava) bar.

Looks promising from the outside – I was hoping there would be some interesting fillings based on the obvious “crispie” presence on the top.

Slightly disappointing – it turns out to be just the crispies and wafers.

Somehow it’s a little dry – could do with an extra layer of chocolate or something else with a softer texture. Being named after lava, something with a nice molten lava-like flow in the middle would be good. OK, I’m taking this too seriously now.

I would give this a 6 out of 10 – not offensive but nothing special.


18 thoughts on “Icelandic Chocolate Review #3 – Hraun

  1. OMG.. pictures of candy!! Icelandic candy!! Im such a choc-o-holic.. Although, dont you think Hraun is a little like Lion bar, just a litle dryer!.. 😉
    y favorite would be the Christmas chocolates from Nói og Siríus 🙂 And all the chocolates we have with licorise 🙂 yummmmyy… Have you tried Draumur! or the new white chocolate licorise Freyju candy!. I should stop now, before i damage the keyboard with my drooling, thinking about all the yummy chocos.. 😉

    • I’m trying not to eat my Freyja mix right now! I don’t really like white chcolate. I think you always want the things you can’t have. I have brought way too much chocolate back as I don’t know when my next trip will be. Panic buying.

    • Thanks for the pronounciation help. 🙂

      I find the chocolate gnerally tastes more like US chocolate than UK chocolate, so some people could find it too sweet. I’m currently loving the “mix” that Freyja does.

  2. Hraun is such a classic Icelandic chocolate, I almost feel you can´t be a true icelander if you don´t like that and licorise. I think it´s best if you buy the small pices in the box and then drink ice cold Malt with it………mmmmmmddddddaaaaaaa………in a few months I´ll be having just that!!

  3. Hi Eva,

    Friends of mine rave about Icelandic chocolate-covered licorice. Have you tried any, and do you recommend a particular brand? They’ve loaned me nifty gaiters for my trek next month, and I want to bring them some of the licorice as a thank-you.

  4. Have you ever had Icelandic Vodka before? I saw a bottle at the grocery store the other day, and it was advertised as “Lava Rock Filtered” and I thought of you.

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