Back to reality

I’ve just come back from Iceland where we had 10 days of beautiful weather and no rain! Unbelievable. And I was able to get the new Indriðason book in English 3 weeks before it is released here. Just two of my highlights!

I have lots to catch up on now including all of your blogs but will post photos soon.


24 thoughts on “Back to reality

    • It depends how much money you want to spend! You can get beer in some restaurants but it will always be at a high price. It isn’t sold in supermarkets, but only in special Vínbúð stores that you will find only in some towns, and open for only a few hours a day (usually afternoons). You can also buy beer more cheaply at the duty free arrivals you will see at the airport.

  1. Big mistake… 😉 well, now you at least have another good reason to go back.. 😀 hehe
    And i will take you there when we meet up there one day .. AND diving.. 😉

  2. I’m glad you had a good time here! I’ve been here nearly 10 years now and the beauty of the landscape never ceases to amaze. Where’d you get the book, by the way? I’ve been looking out for it in English but haven’t seen it yet!

    • I had been hoping to get it at the airport when I left in one of those “airport edition” sizes that comes out early sometimes but actually found it at the Eymundsons downtown! Very excited. Wish we weren’t so far behind with the translations.

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