Icelandic wildlife photos – #10 Icelandic cattle

This is the start of a countdown of the 10 favourite animals and birds that we recently saw in Iceland.

Cows may seem a strange choice, but we first noticed these pretty cows because someone else had already stopped to take a picture of them. Icelandic cattle are a unique breed that come in many interesting colours and patterns. Some of this group were wearing bags on their udders and their harnesses were also quite eye-catching. They live near Skógarfoss and as we turned the car around and drove past two minutes later, they had already gone quite a lot further away from the road to get their food.


13 thoughts on “Icelandic wildlife photos – #10 Icelandic cattle

      • Can you tell us what it’s actually for Doddi?? Are they just giving off too much milk, or have they had an injury? I’ve never seen anything like this. All of these cows have quite big udders compared to our cows.

      • It really is a kind of a “bra”
        If I remember it right then the main reason for that the cows were this is that their udders are so big that they can actually step on their teats (I think that’s what they are called). Therefore they were these harnesses to prevent that from happening.

      • Thank you – they did have particularly big udders compared to their UK cousins. I’m sure the farmer doesn’t think they are so interesting that they stop traffic, but they do!

  1. They are bras. To protect the udders from scraping the surface the terrain they graze in. Iceland is a volcanic nation, and much of the terrain consists of very sharp rock edges that can cause a lot of damage to the otherwise softer tissue of the udder. At least this is what I was told as we vacationed in Iceland.

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