Icelandic wildlife photos – #7 Icelandic horse

Can there be any horses nicer than these? They are so calm and friendly. It’s fun to see them everywhere in multi-coloured groups.

It’s hard to pick out a favourite, but I always like the grey or spotted ones.


12 thoughts on “Icelandic wildlife photos – #7 Icelandic horse

  1. Icelandics have so much color variety it can make your head spin, but they are all a good ride and a very special breed of horse. SWP, most would consider that a Liver Chestnut.

  2. Icelandic horses.. 🙂 soooo Icelandic.. This reminds me of a VERY Icelandic folk song.. about horses, it was played alot when i was growing up ( out in the country side and everything) and still is 🙂 found it on youtube, you might “like it·…. 🙂

      • All my comments everywhere is ending up in peoples spam.
        WordPress has put me on moderation after I was critisizing someone on the site. Someone was posting link to their old posts there and I made a semi-rude comment about it…

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