Icelandic wildlife photos – #4 Seals

It was really fun to see this wild seal colony bathing on sandbanks at Hvítserkur. There were several groups, but this was the one you could get closest to from the beach.

Sunbathing seals

One came over to investigate – I was hoping it would come on to the land on our side of the water, but this was as close as it got. It was amazing to have an encounter with a wild seal.



11 thoughts on “Icelandic wildlife photos – #4 Seals

  1. An amazing place, the first time I went there I though they were driftwood logs on the shore on the other side … very curious creatures. Walking the beaches of the western fjords they sometimes swam parallel to our path gazing at us with their puppy brown eyes. Thank you for those pictures.

  2. I see one or two every now and then in the fjord here at Sauðárkrókur, but not like your experience…I will have to go there one day and hopefully see for myself. Lovely pics, thanks.

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