Icelandic wildlife photos – #1 Arctic Fox

Finally, the animal that was most exciting to see in Iceland – the Arctic Fox! Hard to find even if you are looking for them and seen by accident in Skaftafell. This one is in the middle of changing its white winter coat to a brown summer coat. It was quite far away by the time the photo was taken but was still a trip highlight.

You have to look pretty hard to see it here

A closer view

And closer again!


14 thoughts on “Icelandic wildlife photos – #1 Arctic Fox

  1. Lucky you to get to see the Arctic Fox! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve only see it in pictures.
    Looks kind of funny with both it’s winter and summer coat ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I spotted it, but I am used to looking for such things. Movement usually gives it away. There are times when I know I am the thing they are looking at even though I don’t see them. It’s an odd feeling.

    • I think I’m pretty unobservant and would get eaten in the wild if left to my own devices. One thing I do see a lot of around here on my early morning runs is deer and probably my best early morning spot was a barn owl that flew across the road in front of me.

    • There is an Arctic Fox Centre in the West Fjords that I would love to visit. We were just lucky to see this one, it was closer but took a long time to get the camera and even then we weren’t sure if we actually had a photo of it.

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