After a bit of driving up and down the same street trying to find something we parked and briskly walked across an ordinary recreation field in Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Marching across the field from another parking place at a right angle to ours was another couple. Two sets of tourists on the same path on a mission to see something that wasn’t really signposted and had little fanfare (even less than most Icelandic sites of interest). So what was this mysterious thing we were all looking for?

Kirkjugólf, or “church floor” is a natural formation of basalt (formed by lava) that is in a pattern that looks like a hegagonally tiled floor. You can really imagine the first people to find it thinking that they must have come across some kind of ancient ruin. It is also strange to see it just on its own in a field, you would think that this would be seen near a canyon or waterfall or somewhere with a lot of other basalt around.

It was a relief to see that the other tourists weren’t some of the same old other tourists that we kept bumping into all around the country. It was hilarious to find someone annoying in one place and then happen to see them hundreds of miles away again. What was strange about these two was that having taken the trouble to come and look at this, they didn’t take any pictures! They also didn’t eat at the excellent Systra Kaffi, which was the best restaurant for miles around.


9 thoughts on “Kirkjugólf

  1. It does look like an ancient ruin – reminds me a wee bit of the Giant’s Causeway, also it wouldn’t look out of place in some of our Scottish stone circles. You always come up with interesting stuff to show us – thank you lovely lady!

  2. Is it similar to the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland? I haven’t seen that either, but thought of it when I was looking at your photos. And can I just say a quick thank you as you are helping me to see parts of Iceland that I would never have even thought of. I’ll go there one day! 🙂

    • Yes it is actually, not that I’ve seen it in real life either, but both are just basalt columns. Glad you liked it – I’m trying to do a series of posts about things we visited on the last trip, some of which are very well known and some not so well known like these. 🙂

  3. I really am getting to appreciate rocks. Wish I would have studied more geology at an early age, but I still try to learn as I go. I love basalt columns.

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