Skógafoss is scenic, near the Ring Road and has a hiking trail to the side that goes behind it into a popular walking area.

High and with lots of spray!

I have previously posted photos from here from an earlier visit, but only taken from the top of the waterfall due to camera/computer issues. Here are some more that do it a bit more justice. In terms of Icelandic attractions, it is relatively crowded – meaning you won’t be the only people there!


9 thoughts on “Skógafoss

  1. I’ve only see this one from the car, cos when we were there it was raining 😦 Didn’t know you could walk behind it, might try that next time 😉

    • You can’t walk behind it – these photos are from beside it but as it’s at a sideways angle I can see how it looks like they are from behind. There is another waterfall that you can go behind – Seljalandsfoss – and I will be posting pictures from there too. Anyway, you can get very wet at both waterfalls!

      • Oh, sorry I misunderstood you 🙂 But it does kind of look like the picture is taken from behind it 😉 Thought it was really cool

  2. I’m afraid I will have to clear this up a little bit. It is not possible to walk behind this waterfall, the hiking trail you mention goes up to the edge on the right side of the waterfall and actually marks the beginning/end of the most popular hiking trail in Iceland. The hiking trail is called Laugarvegur and goes between Landmannlaugar og Skógar leading you trough some of the most spectacular landscape of Iceland like Þórsmörk, it even goes across Fimmvörðuháls where parts of the eruptions in 2010 were.
    There is on the other hand a cave behind Skógarfoss but that one can only be accessed by diving under the waterfall itself.

    • Thanks for clarifying Doddi (and apologies that your comment went into the spam folder for some reason). I didn’t know there was a cave behind, interesting.

      I was lucky enough to do the Laugarvegur walk as my first trip to Iceland, but we finished at Þórsmörk and not here. It was an amazing walk too, but 5 days of living in a tent is enough for me! 🙂

  3. Beautiful! We got out of Reykjavik yesterday and did an epic drive along Southern Iceland (left at 9am got back at 4am and even managed to get a hike in around 9pm up to see Svartifoss!) I love Skógafoss though, too. Top two waterfalls so far. Haha. Off to see Western Iceland today. So so sad that we’re off to US tomorrow to see the in-laws. Not sad to see them, but sad to leave Iceland! We’re in love!!! I knew it’d be special. So so special! 🙂

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