Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by a place. Buðardalur was meant to be just a lunch stop, and they did do a very good burger at the services and had a nice gift shop. But I was really impressed at how picturesque its setting was and it’s on my list of “beautiful villages in Iceland” now!


8 thoughts on “Buðardalur

    • Sadly yes, I think you’d go a bit mad living somewhere so remote but I’m envious of the people that make the most of it rather than escaping to the big city as soon as possible – it must be nice to just appreciate where you live.

  1. Fantastic photos – well done. Love the way you have captured how fresh- and seawater in Iceland sparkles. The sun bounces onto the water surface and creates a million blinding, dancing dots. Impressive to get a photo when that light is shining straight at you!

  2. I’m very impressed that Búðardalur made such an impression on you, it’s one of my favorite places in Iceland. My grandma and a few of my mother’s side of my family live on the surrounding farms and I spent some of the best summers of my life there 🙂

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