So, what blog about Iceland would be complete without a mention of Geysir? Part of the Golden Circle tour, it means pretty much everyone that comes to Iceland sees it. Definitely one of the more crowded places you can visit and the services across the road were horrendously busy with what looked like the worst food I’d seen in the whole country. (no, didn’t stay long enough to try it!)

But having said all that, it is still pretty amazing to see a geysir erupt. The original “Geysir” that the site is named after is not a frequent erupter, but the smaller Strokkur nearby gives a good display about every 8 minutes. Be ready with the camera!

It’s fun every time and you could spend quite a while here watching it. Even funnier, is when a big group has gathered and it erupts, but just a little feeble eruption – also saw this happen twice and it was highly amusing, but only because we’d already seen some “good” ones!


7 thoughts on “Geysir

  1. Great pics – you captured the blue bubble! I kept trying but always missed it – such fun, seeing the water spurt everywhere and all of us shrieking like kids!

  2. Really nice pictures! We were standing for ages just looking at the eruptions, and Doddi was taking million pictures trying to capture it 😉 We did end up with pretty cool pictures, so it was worth it!

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