Goðafoss is a very pretty, wide, waterfall that cascades down over a divide in the middle. After Iceland converted to Christianity in 1000, it is said that the pagan leader Þorgeir threw his pagan idols into the waterfall, hence the name “God falls”.

On a side note, the fact that Iceland’s sagas record not only this but other really minute details of history is fascinating to me. The Iceland road guide actually makes really good reading as it mentions really old facts or stories about nearly everywhere you drive through, even in the most featureless of places.

Back to Goðafoss, if you are lucky to be there on a warm and sunny day it makes a really nice lunch spot!

Mini side-waterfalls

Surprisingly calm around the side

Rock eroded by the water


4 thoughts on “Goðafoss

  1. This is one of my favorite places in Iceland! Have seen it both in Winter and Summer time, and I just love it. It is so beautiful! Haven’t been there yet this year, but will force Doddi to take me there soon 😉

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