Ásbyrgi Canyon

Ásbyrgi is a large horseshoe shaped canyon in northern Iceland. Legend has it that it was formed when Odinn’s eight legged flying horse Sleipnir accidentally touched a hoof down here. The more boring explanation is that it was caused by a glacial river flooding.

From the inside looking out

Unbelievably, we met some people who had actually come here and not been able to see the canyon. I still can’t figure it out as they would have driven from the same direction as we did and can only guess that they walked around without ever looking at the panorama.

There are some nice walks you can do around trails of different lengths. There is a lot of bird life, particularly around the water.

There is also an Uluru type monolith called Eyjan, or “Island”, that we took way too many pictures of. It is seriously huge and impressive.


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