Handball mania

If you live in the UK, it’s pretty hard to ignore the Olympics right now. Having been completely cynical about them beforehand I’ve actually really enjoyed watching them, and seeing the Olympic torch come by our office. It’s been a really good and much needed “fun” boost for us.

The Icelandic handball team were silver medallists in Beijing in 2008. For a small country to get a medal in a team sport  is quite an accomplishment. Having watched all their matches this time around, I’ve really got into handball which is fast-paced and fun to watch. Unfortunately, somehow Iceland has now lost (despite winning all preliminary matches) and are out of the competition. I’d been trying to get tickets in the hopes of seeing them play for nearly a week now. I won’t bore you with the details of how frustrating the Olympic ticket website is, but let’s just say you have to have lightning fast reflexes, a lot of luck, and the ability to read those stupid security “capcha” encryptions.

With a sore “clicking” hand and aching eyes I’ve finally managed to get tickets! And am very excited to see a “live” handball match, even though Iceland aren’t playing. I’m also looking forward to the atmosphere of the Olympic Park generally and finding some tacky merchandise to buy! Life’s going to be quite dull when the Olympics are over.


6 thoughts on “Handball mania

  1. I’ve totally loved watching the Olympics. Congrats on scoring the tickets.

    Those capcha things drive me crazy. On some blogs, I won’t even comment when they make me do those because I can barely make out the words. 😦

  2. Well done to Sweden (our Scandinavian favourites ;))! A fantastic game to watch today and a brilliant platform over the last two weeks to get in to Handball.

    It makes no moral sense that Iceland are not in the final as they beat both of the finalists in the preliminary rounds (bloody good games _they_ were, too). Still, those are the rules. I stand by my theory that it was the last-minute Iceland timeout when they were one goal up on Hungary and were on the offense that cost them the game. They lost their rhythm when the game re-started …

    Anyway, whatever happens now (Go Sweden! 🙂 ), Iceland have already beaten the gold medal winners in the last week …

  3. Never mind, there’s always Rio 2016, although some of the veterans will probably feel that’s one Olympics too many. Surely a mixed-gender pan-Scandi team would be a frightening proposition on the basis of this Games?!

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