Dettifoss must be one of Iceland’s most spectacular sights. It brings to mind both Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon yet is nearly tourist-free and certainly no admission charges. In terms of volume, it is the largest waterfall in Europe.

The setting is a spectacular canyon, and there are walks you can do leading to other smaller waterfalls in the area.

As with other waterfalls in Iceland you can happily walk around in the calmer waters at the top with no barriers or signs. I really hope the growing tourist population doesn’t result in the Healthy & Safety overkill I see in many other places.

Dettifoss is well worth the detour, although the road would be pretty bumpy if not in a 4×4. Of if you’re feeling lazy, you can also see it in the opening sequence of the recent film Prometheus.


10 thoughts on “Dettifoss

  1. I was also surprised when I was there that there were so few tourists. But then again it was pretty nice to get experience something without being surrounded by busloads of tourists 😉

  2. So beautiful and breathtaking! The caribbean aren’t as nice as this. Took a cruise to Alaska 4 yr ago..lovely place and the ppl are very friendly.

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