Vík is one of Iceland’s most famous places, a dramatic film and photography location with a black sand beach and dramatic cliffs full of birdlife.

It is the southernmost village in Iceland with nothing between it and the Antarctic and the sea can be very rough and the cliffs are windy. It’s not always this idyllic!

Sadly it is also under threat from the volcano Katla, particularly from flooding of glacial waters if there is an eruption. Unfortunately the water was “in” when we visited.

There is a lot of basalt in the area, resulting in columns on the beach and sea stacks (or trolls and their boat, whichever version you prefer).

Basalt columns – taken on an earlier trip.


9 thoughts on “Vík

  1. Is it possible to drive around the Ring Road in 4 full days in early November? I’m not too worried about feeling “rushed” and not being able to explore and see all the sights because I already know I plan on going back to Iceland again. I just want to know if its possible in 4 full days. I keep seeing websites talk about shorter daylight and how its dangerous to drive around after 5pm or something. Is this true?

    • Hi Jenn, yes, you could do this but you would indeed be really rushed and not see anything, so if you just want to be able to say you’ve done it, you can, but it wouldn’t be how I would like do it. You will also be driving in the dark a lot of the time and visibility could be low even in the daylight. It’s not dangerous but I don’t think it would be that enjoyable.

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