I’ve been saving this one up as my “must-see” Icelandic attraction. This is another one that people have wondered is real after seeing my photos. It must rank up there as being one of the most “unearthly places on earth” – if you suddenly woke up here you really would think you were either on another planet or in hell!The noise of steam being forced up from underground, the stink of the sulphur, the bubbling mud, the scorched earth, it is probably the one place I would take someone who hasn’t been to Iceland before to really blow their mind! All these factors make it not the most pleasant or scenic place you could visit but it’s so unbelievable you can overlook these things.

I know I’ve said this before but it amazes me that Iceland doesn’t charge money to see something like this. Driving past it again at around 7:00 pm there were zero people there. How can this be?


16 thoughts on “Hverarönd

  1. I’ve only seen it during the winter time and even then the smell was overwhelming… But you’re right it’s a very cool place and something you just have to see!

      • No it’s fare from being bleak and grim with snow all around, the contrasts are very cool. But it does get very muddy…. 😉 It’s a very special place!

  2. I visited this place when I was in Iceland earlier this year. It reminds me of Yellowstone Park in the US but a much smaller scale. Both amazing landscapes.

  3. Loved this place! I also love the fact that they don’t charge you to visit – not even a pay machine in the car park. Very refreshing, even if the air isn’t 😉

  4. 2014 June. They are already charging 400 kronurs for it to have a closer look. From 100 meters one can watch it feee.

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