Revisiting the bucket list

Nearly a year ago I published my then-current Icelandic bucket list. And hey, I’ve managed to cross 4 things off the list since then:

  • Whale watching
  • Visiting in winter (so good I’m going back in the ultimate winter month of December now)
  • Walking Mosi the sheepdog
  • Learning a little bit of Icelandic (too hard – gone back to German now)

As with all good bucket lists, it’s a continuing work in progress. I’ve got a few things to add to it, which is good as it gives me more excuses to return.

1. Visiting Ísafjörður. No, not for anything specific and yes, I can see that it’s a lot of trouble to get to involving either a scary flight or a very long drive and it’s really just an ordinary little town. It just looks very charming and has a great setting.


2. See a handball match either in Iceland or see the Icelandic national team play anywhere. Thank you to the Olympics for adding another bit of excitement to my Icelandic universe.

3. Open my own Icelandic wool shop – I can’t imagine any knitter not thinking this is the best wool ever. I’m willing to admit I may need to broaden my horizons a bit here and admit not everyone is obsessed with wool or Iceland as me. I still think it’s a good idea although I can see I may need to include other Scandinavian stuff to get people in.

4. See proper large scale Northern Lights – seeing a little display last year was good but makes you realise how weirdly eerie a full-on one would be.

5. Volcano watching – I’m not a huge fan of volcanoes but if I ever happen to be in Iceland  when one is erupting it would be pretty cool to see (from a distance).

6. Brynja ice cream shop in Akureyri – supposedly amazing, ran out of time on last trip but must be worth checking out. I am completely enraptured by the ordinary dipped ice creams so if these are even better I’m in trouble.

Of course the great thing about Iceland is there are some things you can do over and over again and not get sick of seeing…

Yep, still spectacular

Some things remain from the original  bucket list.  I still really, really want to have a huge car with 40 inch tyres and it’s annoying that England isn’t built for them. I still wish I was good enough at knitting to do lopapeysas or just about anything in my Iceland Knits book. And I really will do at least the half if not the full marathon in Reykjavík one day.

If I had discovered Iceland when I was in my 20’s, I think my bucket list would have been pretty different and involved lots more bands and Iceland Airwaves related missions. I’m so jealous of anyone who is foreign but studying in Iceland. I knew absolutely nothing about Iceland when I was at university and was sure I’d be working in Africa…hmm…

Has where you like to go and what you like to do on your travels changed as you get older?


21 thoughts on “Revisiting the bucket list

  1. Yay! You’re back! And what a lovely and inspiring post. I was rooted in Japan in my 20s and not sure I could have afforded Iceland back then but am so glad we’ve all ‘discovered’ Iceland now. Better late than never! And you got me curious about Brynja ice cream shop in Akureyri so adding that to the list when we finally do Iceland Part 2! Still not sure when, but hopefully within the next 5 years? They better stay in business! Haha!

    • Oh and just saw your question. I still enjoy pretty things and fine dining as I did in my 20s but now I also appreciate nature and quiet hikes to see beautiful waterfalls. We’re even thinking of doing some camping next time we go to Iceland! Would’ve never dreamt of camping in my 20s… ever! 😛

    • It’s been nice to have a break but I do miss blogging. Japan must also have been expensive! Another part of the world I’ve never seen. Icelandic shops do seem to stay open more than my local shops (maybe because there’s nowhere else for shop owners to move to?) so yes hopefully they keep going. Or open a branch in London. 🙂

  2. I think the idea of opening a shop is a great idea. Sure, it would be a little hard at first, but with your enthusiasm and knowledge of the country, I can totally see it catching on. I’m glad you’re back!

    My travel aspirations have really changed as I aged. When I was younger, I only thought about where I could travel in the US. Other countries seemed so expensive and undoable. My horizons have definitely changed, though; this is a small world and it should be seen.

    • Ooh thanks Em. I just need a business partner who knows something about running a business now! 🙂

      I think when I was really young it didn’t occur to me that I could travel anywhere at all, so I know what you mean about not thinking beyond your own country. We are lucky that the world has got so much more accessible – and great for you that you went had some adventures before the arrival of Miss C.

  3. A shop for obscure Scandinavian products would be excellent. I’d like to put in a big order for Norwegian chocolate pudding from Tine melk. Oh I miss that stuff! 🙂

    And while I was at it I’d probably add a few balls of wool to the order too…

    • It’s good to know I’d have some supporters. I’ve already thought I would need a big mail order sideline too. 🙂

      I haven’t tried Norwegian chocolate anything but I’m sure it’s good! Hope you are finding some time to knit.

  4. Welcome back to blogging! I totally agree with your love of Icelandic wool, but your comment made me think about other animals in tough climates and the contribution their hair/fur/down makes to our warmth and comfort. For example, I wore my Orcadian woollen hat throughout my Iceland trek, and it stood up very well. (Comes from equally sturdy sheep after all.) Qiviut, the soft down from the underbelly of the muskox, is also sensational … And alpaca wool (much finer than that of the llama). Enough! I ramble. Again, welcome back and I hope we’ll now be hearing from you regularly once again.

    • Hi Penny, thanks, I’ve missed the blogging community. You’re right, you can’t beat natural fibres, we just always want to buy the man-made cheap stuff but there’s no substitute. Alpaca and merino are really nice and soft and I wish I was good enough at knitting to make something really nice out of them! People that live in hot climates are really missing out. 🙂

  5. I was lucky enough to catch some northern lights last Sunday when I was in Reykjavík. It is still a thrill, even in the city. I was in the park on the south end of Tjörnin, there were two young women who were squealing with delight and hugging; one shouted “I love Iceland!”

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