Win a pair of handknitted mittens from Iceland!

Updated 1 December – The winner is Grace with her guess of October 10 – the correct answer was September 9, which surprisingly, no one came anywhere near. His full birthday is actually 9/9/99 which must mean something for those into numerology! Thank you all for entering and I loved that some of you tried to put some logic into your guesses!

As Christmas draws closer, I have another festive giveway – this time for a pair of handknitted mittens. Luckily for you, they have not been knitted by me but come from the Handknitting Association of Iceland, who have a great selection of handknitted woollen garments and souvenirs that are made in Iceland. I could spend hours there just trying on all the lopapeysas they have.

The mittens are a pair sized for a man, woman or child and they can ship them anywhere in the world.

Rules:  I wanted this contest to have a question with a definite answer, but also one that you couldn’t easily find out. To enter, please comment below guessing the birthday (month and day) of my Norwegian Forest Cat Rune. I’ll be very impressed if someone gets it right! Closest answer wins.

“This is embarrassing.” – Rune

Conditions: Contest closes on 30 November and the winner announced on this page on 1 December. I will contact you privately to get your address for shipping.  Mittens and postage costs are covered by the Handknitting Association of Iceland.

Updated: I didn’t think I needed to spell this out and it certainly hasn’t been an issue with my regular readers, but understandably you only get one entry or else you could just guess all 365 days – so anyone who has entered more than once is only having their first entry counted and any further deleted – let’s play fair!


17 thoughts on “Win a pair of handknitted mittens from Iceland!

    • NFCs are very interesting actually – they are definitely calmer and wiser than any other cats I’ve ever had. The downside is the long hair. I prefer them to Maine Coons as I think they have a more elegant head. Apparently their temperaments are quite different too.

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