Led Zeppelin in Iceland

If you asked me to name the “gig which I most wish I could have seen”, it would probably have to be when Led Zeppelin played in Iceland in 1970. They were actually very ahead of their time in doing this, as not when many bands came to Iceland then. They played at Laugardalshöll in Reykjavík, and rumour has it that this visit inspired the writing of Immigrant Song.

It’s hard to imagine what a big thing it would have been for the band themselves to visit a place that was not on the tourist map yet. I also don’t know how familiar the audience would have been with their music – they only had two albums out at the time, and presumably many in the audience came just to see a foreign band, rather than because they were huge fans. Who knows if the significance of this event was really appreciated by either side!

You can watch a video clip featuring footage and more detail about why there were there. 

So, that’s my fantasy gig which neatly combines a childhood obsession with a current one. Over to you-what concert would you go to see if time and location were no object?


8 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin in Iceland

  1. The first two albums were quite successful and I would guess their audience knew the music pretty well. I would imagine it was quite the concert. Have you ever run across anyone who was there? Nice fantasy, BTW!

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  3. Oh, I was there. Nothing like this had ever happened in Iceland before. We knew the band and their music but we certainly did not act , I think, like any audience THEY may have seen before and may have been put off by it. Icelandic deserve and all. That did not stop them from impregnating half the female pop. Plant autographed my girlfriends arm

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