Iceland 2013 calendar

How cool is this – I’ve got a 2013 calendar of Iceland pictures taken by us on our travels this year! This is a project that has kept Mr I’d Rather Be In Iceland busy lately and he has done a brilliant job of choosing and tidying up the pictures. I can’t wait to have this up at home and in the office and I think a few friends and family might be getting them too!

I’ve included the pictures used below. If you would be interested in creating your own calendar with these images through Photobox, contact me directly on idratherbeiniceland at, and I can send you a link to the account with the pictures. The calendar cost depends on your local currency and what size you order.  This has been a labour of love rather than profit and all money goes to Photobox. We have ordered in A3 size and included UK holidays, but you could create a smaller calendar, diary or desk calendar with local holidays as Photobox is customizable.

Any feedback welcome on the photos we used – it was tough to know what to include! We’re thinking a photobook next! What great sights of Iceland would you include if you were creating a calendar?


9 thoughts on “Iceland 2013 calendar

  1. Great idea, great photos! If I did one, I’d include a shot of the “Red Bowl,” the crater next to Hekla — it’s a hike of a couple of hours or so, and spectacular once you’re up there. It’s amazing what apps there now are — i’ve just finished a book through of my training/trekking posts & pix, and it’s so satisfying to have that in my hands. Have you used blurb? You might consider it…

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