Icelandic Chocolate Review #4 – Florida

I have to admit that I saved my Florida bar for quite a long time, as I knew it had coconut in it and assumed it was like a UK Bounty or American Mounds.


So, I was pleasantly surprised to see coconut on the OUTSIDE of the chocolate…



Like all Icelandic chocolate, this was sweeter than UK chocolate so is a novelty just for being a different taste. There is wafer on the inside, which was nice and crunchy.


So overall, not what I was expecting and I was glad it wasn’t just a big lump of coconut covered in chocolate. Having said that, it wasn’t unique enough to be the best thing I’ve ever had, and I’d still prefer a Buffaló! I’d give this 7/10.


12 thoughts on “Icelandic Chocolate Review #4 – Florida

  1. Icelanders do make a lot of good candy and Buffaló is one of the best candy I know! 🙂 Never tried Florida, so can of course not say much about it, but it doesn’t look that delicious 😀

  2. Are you sure not part of an advertising campaign because it all LOOKS and sounds yummy!
    Makes my homemade chocolate peppermint creams look a bit wonky (but they taste delish)

  3. This is not fair!!! I have no Icelandic candy for Christmas this year, not even malt to mix my jólaöl!! And here you are just rubbing this stuff in my face………….I want a bite……just a little one……..the whole thing would work too……

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