Iceland v Tunisia Handball photos

Handball is a sport that is really popular in some parts of the world and practically unheard of in others. I have to admit that I didn’t know much about it until the Olympics last year, when I then spent hours glued to the computer desperate to get tickets for any of the Iceland matches. As it happens, Iceland found themselves out of the final rounds, but the Sweden game that I eventually got tickets for was a good consolation prize. Seeing the game in real life is even more dynamic and exciting than watching it on television.

If I was given the choice of seeing Iceland at the Olympics, or Iceland at their home arena with an all-Iceland crowd cheering them on, I definitely would have picked the latter. And guess what? They just happened to be playing two friendlies against Tunisia when I was there last week.

Handball programme

Unlike other sporting events, the tickets were easy to get, and you could sit wherever you wanted. Seeing the team warming up beforehand and then in close range from a goal end was an unbeatable experience. The matches were also broadcast live on Icelandic television’s main channel! I can now add “Icelandic TV star” to my list of accomplishments – shame I didn’t think to put that on the bucket list.

The only slight downside was walking over in the heavily falling snow and getting soaked despite all the right clothing – an easy way to be marked out as the non-Icelanders in the crowd. (oh yes, as well as not bolting out the door during the last minute of the match to be first out of the car park) And here’s a question – call me crazy, but where can you buy handball shirts if not at the match?? Answers appreciated.

In case you are wondering – Iceland won both matches as expected. If you ever get the chance to seem them, go! I’ll be looking out for them on Eurosport later this month.


9 thoughts on “Iceland v Tunisia Handball photos

      • I would be a terrible coach. I would let people off with stuff all the time. You are right about sports in the UK though, they do fizzle out, but I think with all the cut back they are fizzling out even earlier as lots of schools are providing below the requirement of sports. Shame.

  1. I was a huge Handball devotee in my youth. The local club was very successful on European level and it was fun to watch. So, I really like Handball. It’s nice that you got the tickets so easy and could enjoy the match. I remember the day last summer as Iceland played against Hungary. We were in a little bakery in Blönduós for a short break. And some of the employees watched the game in a back-room. We could only hear but not see them. Of course I didn’t understand anything. But I felt it was a very emotional game. And since we later heard it was a black day for Iceland because the were kicked out of the Olympic tournament. And maybe you can here buy Handball shirts:
    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

    • I know it’s big in Germany – you could even go and see Kiel if you could manage to get tickets! Friends from Germany and Austria always seem to have played it in school. Oh, how fun that you were in Iceland at that time. We watched that game here several hours later so I had to avoid the result all day – and then was completely shocked at it! That’s why I ended up seeing Sweden instead! Hey, thanks for the link – I knew some expert would have an answer. They’re expensive aren’t they?? Still, I was expecting to buy one anyway…

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