Fireworks in the slush

So, imagine you are going to see a brilliant handball match.

You’ve got your timings down so you arrive not too early and not at the last minute, factoring in the all-important pylsur stop en-route.

You live in a country where it doesn’t really snow and definitely not in the big wet patchy pieces of snow it has been snowing all day in Reykjavik. This has been a fun novelty but also resulted in your jeans getting completely soaked every time you set foot outside for  30 seconds. You’ve gone into a lot of shops for this reason and consider buying “snow pants” for the first time in your adult life.

Anyway, your route to the handball takes a lot longer because of all this accumulated snow which is also now slush, but it has been fun watching some cars get stuck. No one else is silly enough to walk but other tourists.

Oh and it's dark too

Oh and it’s dark too

Then you have the pleasant surprise of fireworks even though it isn’t New Years Eve! Your detour gets even longer as you go out of your way to see them and negotiate more road crossings. These are the most challenging bit of walking as you have to constantly choose between a puddle of uncertain depth, ice, or snow while you have an audience of cars.

At least you can see a few minutes of fireworks before carrying on to watch more cars get stuck in the snow and checking the map again because you don’t want to cross any more roads than you have to.

Isn’t Reykjavík wonderful?


25 thoughts on “Fireworks in the slush

    • It’s funny how often just the weather makes getting around anywhere in Iceland an adventure. I’ll have to write something about the wind situation that was the next day! This is in the evening – strangely enough the lack of daylight didn’t seem so bad as everywhere inside is very well lit and heated (unlike in GB).

  1. Lovely article. The surprising fireworks are beautiful. I love snow (also masses of snow) 😉 and I’m glad it snowed a little bit last night. And much more important the sun shines the first time this year. Have a nice day!

  2. You’re very lucky to even see any snow here. By the time got back after new years it was all gone again 😦 We had to walk from the bus station on a very icy side walk and almost ended up on our backs a few times, not to pleasant. But I’m sure people who saw us had a laugh or two 🙂
    I’m also very surprised about the fireworks here, they cost a small fortune and still we can still see some every evening around the city 😉

    • I know! Yet Tjornin wasn’t frozen which was surprising. I was looking forward to going out to the island!
      I’m not a huge fan of fireworks at home but they are fun to see when you’re away. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!

  3. As soon as I saw the photo I knew I was looking at home!! Love how it looks like itself so much that I knew right away.

    You make Iceland sound so wonderful, makes me miss it when I read your blog. I do love the snow and miss the ”bad” wether and the dark days…….so cozy and ”stay at home knitting-ish” 🙂

  4. Those fireworks shots framed by the trees are wonderful! And that winter halo all around… (I’m so proud I know what pylsur is…) And yes, go buy a pair of snow pants, or at least lightweight rainpants to pull over your jeans/slacks, or at very least some gaiters… I bet the Salvation Army shop in Reijavik will have something, worth checking

    • I think we just got to the best place we could and then didn’t want to go any more out of the way! Thanks for the compliment. And yes you are a pylsur expert! I think I will get some cheap snow pants from somewhere. Nothing worse than wet legs.

    • Yes! It’s not usually snowy in Reykjavik but you would be pretty much guaranteed some in the north. The darkness actually didn’t post a problem, you just had to take your pictures in the limited daylight. But it didn’t really stop us from doing anything.

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