Designed for Iceland

On the last trip, I got addicted to a series on Icelandair called Hannað Fyrir Ísland (Designed for Iceland).  The premise was to find a designer for every tourist’s favourite shop, 66° North. I love reality shows and this one was quite good. Although someone got eliminated every week, it was never humiliating or mean-spirited. It wasn’t big on prizes though – I had to laugh when people who had got quite far in the contest were given plastic wrapped baskets with scissors and thread as a parting gift! I’m no fashion expert but the participants I liked the most as characters ended up in or nearly in the final and I really liked the winner.



I was pleasantly surprised to see the concept for this show has now been sold abroad!  I do fear this could end up being quite different by the time it is made for a UK audience. I’m still excited that it has been that successful and will certainly watch our version with interest to see what has changed.

Check it out if you’re flying with Icelandair soon!


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