Review: Goða Ferð

Goða Ferð (Good Trip) is a documentary aimed at travellers in Iceland made by Frank Nagel.

Beautifully shot,  this film would serve as good inspiration for a trip to Iceland both for first-time travellers who may not know what to expect, and for seasoned veterans who may not have captured some of their favourite places on film as well as this. The basic premise is that we are following a girl named Annie on a journey around the Ring Road made by public bus. We see some of the places she stays in, watch her doing things like buying food and of course see some of the beauty of Iceland along with her. You are able to choose either English or German commentary.

I found myself keen to keep watching to see what part of Iceland we’d be going to next! Particular highlights in the film for me: the scenes at Jokulsarlon and Myvatn area, watching people ride the Icelandic horse, some of the birds featured and gorgeous looking ice cream in Reykjavík! Frank is an excellent filmmaker who has captured the essence of travelling in Iceland, and anyone who has been previously will also have particular moments that appeal to them.

Interestingly, I think this film could have become two separate films used for different purposes. If you are a first time tourist, this film gives you some information, but not enough to completely help you with planning a trip. This could be remedied by more narration and more subtitling.  Sometimes we are watching Annie arrive somewhere or doing something with no commentary for quite a while, when an explanation earlier on in the narration would be helpful. As Icelandic words can sound strange to those not familiar with them, it would be useful to have more subtitling of place and people names.

On the other hand, if you are watching this film just because you love Iceland, sometimes there could be too much of the travelling rather than  the scenery.  Again, I think this could be remedied with a different cut of the same footage.

Annie as main subject has an obvious interest in the country, but I think the flow may have been easier for her at times if she had a travelling companion to interact with – Frank was obviously there but is very much a silent partner behind the camera.

These minor criticisms aside, this is a very good documentary film. It is actually helpful that it is shot from an outsider’s perspective, as sometimes it is harder for someone in their own country to know what is different or interesting about it to visitors.  If you need a reminder of why you should make a return visit, or are trying to convert a first-time visitor, this film will do the trick!

You can view the trailer below and order the film from


3 thoughts on “Review: Goða Ferð

  1. Thanks for this review. I watched the trailer and it’s beautiful and my anticpation for the next trip rises into highest heights. Sounds that the film has some weaknessess but for me as a German I could leastwise understand the names of the places. 😉 I have tons of video material form our last Iceland trip. But I couldn’t convert the raw material into the right format yet. I hope I can fix it and cut the parts together into a movie before our next trip. 🙂 Have a really nice day. 😀

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