I’ve never reblogged a post before, but this topic is one I have been wanting to address for a while. What we write is for the public and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but how does it feel when someone starts telling you what you should write on your blog? Or when you see your ideas being copied without credit? For most of us our blogs are meant to be just a bit of fun, but ironically they feel very personal despite being out there in the public domain, which is why I think things can get heated sometimes. Anyway, Emily has written about this far more eloquently than I could and has had some really insightful comments on the subject.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, whether you’re a blogger or not.

The Waiting

Last night I was reading one of my favorite blogs, which I don’t get around to visiting too often because it’s so good that I need to allot at least an hour to just to catch up. With 10,000+ active followers, it’s one of the big blogs where the comments are usually as funny and smart as the posts themselves. The blogger who runs the site admits that although she does profit a bit off the ad revenue that it generates, she has a day job that has nothing to do with the subject she writes about. The blog is mostly for her own fun.

While reading the comments on the latest post, I found one where a commentor complained that the blogger made too big a deal out of the topic of the post. The commentor criticized her (albeit rather politely) for essentially making a mountain out of a…

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  1. hi there. very timely and most enlightening eva. thank you for posting and creating awareness on the issue. like everything else out there in cyberspace, sometimes the ‘dark side’ can get ugly and make the blogging experience a negative one, both for readers and the writer. *wink*

  2. I’ve only had to block trolls a couple of times, and that was only after I had replied to them and they still hadn’t understood the concept that it was my blog and not an open forum. After the troll’s comments have been deleted a few times they usually give up. I did block comments on one post (Lesbians taking over the world?) because it keeps attracting people who are unable to understand satire- and I’ve gotten hits on it for over seven years!

    I did have a stalker of one of my female contributors. We had to hide her posts for a time and even changed the name she posted under. She finally stopped posting completely. The “troll” won that round while everyone else lost the chance to read new work from a wonderful writer.

    I was glad to see in Emily’s post that she would never close comments. She really understands what a great way a blog is to interact with people from all over the world, despite the actions of a few. Commenting is a tricky thing, I’ve made unintended impressions in my comments on other blogs myself. Now, when I do comment, I try to put as much thought into them as I do my posts.

    • I think trolls do get bored with lack of response – probably opening a dialogue with them is the worst thing you can do! I’m sorry to read about the stalker incident and can see how that would take the fun out of writing, which is a shame. I sometimes wonder why some of the bloggers I like reading have stopped writing and usually assume it is due to real life taking over, hope it’s not more sinister.

      You’re so right about comments! It’s easy to rush when you comment on a blog and like anything written it can be misinterpreted. The best blogs I read are really enriched by their comments. I don’t understand why some bloggers don’t seem to respond to comment, and in fact I usually stop reading those blogs.

  3. I read this post on Emily’s blog, and I meant to tweet it out and I think I forgot to…. Anyway, I totally agree with all points and comments made. So far I haven’t encountered any trolls or otherwise negative/nasty comments on my blog, but I know that once my readership gets big enough, I will. May I have the patience and tact that Emily does when such a thing occurs!

    Thanks for the post and the re-blog! 🙂

    • I like what you said about “once my readership gets big enough” – maybe that’s how you know you’ve made it, once you get invaded by trolls! Look at all the problems famous people have. When you are a famous author you can pay someone else to manage your comments. 😉

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