My top 3 Icelandic pizzas

I hadn’t intended to write a post about the wonderful world of Icelandic pizza, but the mention of cream cheese on a pizza seemed to be one of the main things people picked up on in a recent post. And who doesn’t love pizza?

The interesting thing about Icelandic pizzas is that in addition to the normal pizzas you would expect to find anywhere, you can also find some fun new toppings that you might not have thought would work on a pizza. Here are some of my favourites:

1. The “groovy” pizza at Shell in Egilsstaðir – featuring blue cheese, bananas, peanuts – many other great pizzas on their menu. Sadly, no photographic evidence as I ate this too quickly. They also do amazing ice cream, although I might be biased as it was about 15 degrees and sunny when we ate here.

2.  The “Pollo Paradiso” at Gamla Smiðjan, Reykjavík –  Chicken, mushrooms, peanuts, sundried tomatoes, jalapenos, cream cheese. Genius pizza, and a good place for people watching out the window.

Why can't I make pizza this good?

Why can’t I make pizza this good?

3. The “Downtown 101” at Eld Smiðjan, Reykjavík – Chicken, cream cheese, jalapenos, paprika, corn, black pepper. A really good combination of ingredients.

The cream cheese must be nice and blobby like this!

The cream cheese must be nice and blobby like this!

Honourable mention – any pizza place will do some sort of cheese combination pizza that comes with jam on the side. Such a great idea – and actually you can have jam with any pizza at home too as I’ve discovered after careful experimentation.

Visiting Iceland has definitely inspired me when making my own pizzas at home to be more creative with combinations. Adding peanuts to any pizza will improve it and mixing up the cheeses is also interesting, although it does make you realise how much cheese is put on anything you buy in a restaurant! Langoustines are also an interesting topping and far meatier/tastier than the prawns you might find on pizzas here. I look forward to expanding my pizza repertoire on the next visit.

I’ll be very impressed if any of you try these ideas at home. What are your favourite foods that others consider “weird”?


16 thoughts on “My top 3 Icelandic pizzas

  1. Not that strange, the cream cheese, I mean. In France I have has pizza with potatoes & sour cream, & a fresh whole egg, so cream cheese doesn’t seem such a stretch. When I lived in Jersey, in the Channel Islands we used to get the most amazing chicken bhuna pizza – the pizza place did any Indian food on pizza. It was amazing! Here at home my OH has tuna & pineapple on his pizza. Not that exotic, but other people do think it is strange, lol

    • Yes, pizza with potatoes is really nice! Either thin slices or in little cubes. I never understand the egg thing though. I have wondered why you don’t get more Indian or Chinese food on pizza. I have seen hoi sin style duck on pizza in a couple of places. Pineapple on pizza is great! Not sure about tuna. 🙂

  2. I ate a delicious pizza in the restaurant “Greifinn” in Akureyri. But I can’t remember what a pizza it was.But they didn’t offer any jam to it.
    I like those weird combinations. Have a beautiful day!

  3. I had salmon pizza in Reykjavik and my wife makes all kinds here (pesto, moose meat, etc.). I must just love the whole form and idea of pizza.

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