Of Monsters and Men/Mugison at Shepherds Bush Empire

So, I went to see Of Monsters and Men last night, who were supported by Mugison. I  bought the tickets what seems like forever ago and they have become even more globally popular since then. It was weird to see an Icelandic band playing not in Iceland to people who you wouldn’t normally expect to like Icelandic music…anyway, at least no one in the office has heard of them yet. And the people behind me thought they were from “Holland or Ireland. Somewhere else, anyway.” So maybe they haven’t conquered the ENTIRE world yet.

Mugison had a tough one man show to put on as the support, where 99% of the audience hadn’t heard of him. The crowd did warm up and I see he got a lot of positive comments on Twitter.

Then on to OMAM – to be fair, they only have one album so there’s not a lot they can do with it – they played for just over an hour. I felt there were sound issues at times – despite being 7 people on stage you couldn’t hear what a lot of them were doing, or sometimes you would hear one instrument only. Regardless, I think they were very proud to be there and they held it together well. Some of the songs were better live and of course Little Talks was the most popular.

Given their short set, it seems a shame that they didn’t perhaps have 2 support acts, or play together with another band on some songs. This could be a great opportunity to give exposure to other young Icelandic bands and make more of a night of it

I’ve got no photos to share as my phone took terrible photos….I’m sure some better reviewers than me will be sharing some soon! The tour continues, as well as the “season of Icelandic artists in London” for the next couple of months.


6 thoughts on “Of Monsters and Men/Mugison at Shepherds Bush Empire

  1. They are one of my favorite bands! You are so lucky to have seen them. I’m looking into going when they are here in June. Weird thought, cause I feel like I should see them in Iceland rather than another country!

    • That would be good. In a way seeing Icelanders outside of Iceland is better, it’s harder to do and they don’t usually play too much around here. (except for a few months this year for some reason, when there are loads playing in London)

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