My Icelandic radar

So, I’ve been pretty quiet on the electronic front lately. The amazing thing is that the blog seems to get the same number of hits whether I write anything or not! Why isn’t everything in life like this? It seems I can’t just stop the blog that easily! It’s good to know people still find and read what feel like “old posts”.

Despite my silence I have still been keeping up with all things Icelandic. Shockingly I will also be going somewhere else on holiday this year and that makes me feel guilty enough to come back to the blog to share my latest thoughts on Iceland, in no particular order.

• I watched the election results with interest and am not sure how the one person that all Icelanders seem to dislike won the majority of votes. I suppose this is proof that what people say and then do don’t always match up! I have to admit that politics don’t excite me, but Icelandic politics are at least changeable and always seem to have something going on.

• I went to the Sóley concert in London recently and she did something I can’t imagine a non-Icelandic artist doing – actually crossed the whole venue through the crowd to come and sit and play at the venue’s piano which was against the back wall. It was really an interesting thing to do and gave a bit of excitement. Kind of like those icebreakers you get halfway through a conference sometimes. It’s great to be a fan of any famous Icelander as they are so accessible.

• We have had a late spring in the UK and it really gives you sympathy for those in Iceland who still have cold weather and even snow in April and May every year. I’ve always thought that would be the hardest thing about living there as spring is such a nice time of year.

• I was a bit surprised to see that the Hamburger Factory has been selected as one of the top 10 burger places in the WORLD. I do like this place, but it is very derivative of most American hamburger places and although they have a good selection of burgers I’m not sure they’re THAT much better than anyone else. But good news for them, and I hope they get some more visitors who may have seen this list.

• “Iceland – Ash Cloud Apocalypse was shown on UK television recently.  Although I appreciate seeing any shows about Iceland, this was a typical scare-mongering show where the aim was to tell you how overdue Iceland is for a really disastrous eruption.

• I’ve watched a couple of Icelandic DVDs lately, although I have never reviewed films, TV or music on the blog as I feel it is too subjective. One observation though is how few Icelandic speaking actors there must be and most of them must not get very much work and have to have day jobs. It’s oddly nice to see the same people cropping up in completely different roles. You start to feel that you know all these actors.

• I am doing my most ambitious knitting project yet, thanks to help from my friend at Knitting my Day Away. It is an Icelandic flag cushion cover that involves knitting with three colours at once (gasp) and on circular needles. Both of these things are new to me and It takes me forever to do a few rows and there are many, many rows, but I will get there eventually. I don’t think you appreciate how much of a “fast” world we live in until you try doing something that takes as long as knitting.

• It’s time to start getting excited about some new books from favourite authors Yrsa Sigurðardóttir (next week!) and Arnaldur Indriðason (August). I also still have some other books by Icelandic authors that I haven’t read yet.  It’s a bit like my Icelandic chocolates – sometimes it’s more fun to hang onto these things for a while and know you’re still got them to look forward to. I’m quite good at rationing things out between trips now!

As always I welcome your comments or thoughts on anything Iceland. The election has had quite a bit of coverage in the UK and whenever anything to do with Iceland is featured in the news I am reminded what a small niche group of people are actually attracted to the place. It’s a bit like like my two calendars at work – the cat one gets more comments than the Iceland one! Those of you reading probably know more about Iceland than anyone else you know and I’ve had some great input from you.


12 thoughts on “My Icelandic radar

  1. Regarding Icelandic DVDs and the actors in them: another reason to catch some theatre productions in Reykjavík- those film actors “day jobs” are in the theatre! There’s nothing quite like seeing Ólafur Darri Ólafsson acting a mere ten feet away from you- while he is clad only in his underpants! But seriously, I understand how you might feel as if you “know” the actors. I’d be interested in a list of the films you’ve seen, as well as your reaction to them. It need not be a review.

    • Oh really, wow, that’s exciting and I agree would be fun to see any of these “regulars” on stage! Sadly this isn’t going to be something we have time for on the next trip as only one brief night in Reykjavik, but I’m sure I’m due a city break again at some point. Thanks for the suggestion – perhaps I will set up a page on films and brief thoughts, if that would be of interest.

  2. I think I saw part of the Ash Cloud Apocalypse on TV. It struck me as technically plausible, but yeah, mostly a media fear-mongering fest. I wasn’t impressed.

    I didn’t follow the election, but the only reason I even knew there was one is because I follow various purveyors of Nordic news online. The only world news that’s mainstream over here is about North Korea and/or the Middle East. So many people I know couldn’t even find Iceland on a map.

    Good post, as always. Since I’m planning a trip to Iceland for sometime in the fall, I’m eagerly beginning my research! 🙂

    • Isn’t it funny how it’s all gone quiet about North Korea now? I think maybe the only reason we had anything about the election is because Iceland got into the news quite a bit with the kreppa and the ashcloud, so there’s a bit of a negative impression left. Sadly the election added to this because it’s all been along the lines of why would anyone re-elect this government that brought them to their knees, etc…

      Anyway, how’s the trip planning going? Flights booked yet?

  3. For me the late spring isn’t the hardest thing about living in Iceland, I can live with that… But not being able to buy the awesome food we have back home, or having to pay way too much for it… That sucks.. 🙂

    • Yeah, I can see that too, that’s easier for me to forget about here as I hoard my Icelandic food for as long as I can and I think I’d do the same with all other food if I was in Iceland! I would miss having a more varied diet.

  4. Good summary of all the things we Iceland fans do and think about when we’re not there. I followed the Icelandic elections, too. I’ve been noticing Iceland gets more and more coverage in the papers here. And we had two TV specials in the US on possible volcanic eruptions, and yes they had the usual apocalyptic gloomy voice over and scary background music.

    Bought my tickets for June. Eight of us going this year. Cannot wait! .

    • It’s funny how once something interests you, you notice it everywhere! Apparently it’s the same if you’re pregnant – suddenly everyone else is too.

      Hey, congratulations on the trip! Are you doing a full circuit or staying in one area? June isn’t very far away! I look forward to reading all about it. Lucky horses to have you girls back!

  5. Here in GermanTV they told us a little about the election in Iceland. Before and after it. But I guess Iceland a country they haven’t on screen so often. Only sometimes they show nature reports or a few month ago about the fish kill in Kolgrafafjörður.

  6. I saw Icelandic film director Haukur M join a photography forum I belong to and exchanged a note or two with him. I love accessibility! Alas, I too am taking a trip this year, but won’t get to go to Iceland after all. It deserves its own special time anyway. I will be headed in your direction, however.

    • I wonder at what point we become famous ourselves? Surely all this fame has got to rub off on us! I can’t believe you didn’t work in an Icelandair stopover, but agree with you that sometimes keeping trips to one destination only is better!

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