December “sunrise”

It’s that time of year again where Iceland-blogs are full of tales of midnight sun, staying up all night, and photos highlighting the joys of seeing a place that is light at 3:00 in the morning.

As fun as all that daylight is, I’m realising that I may actually prefer the darker times in Iceland. It creates such interesting light conditions (ironically) and things are so well lit that the dark is not actually a problem. So, just to be different, here is a photo taken in December at around 10:30 am in a lovely cold half-dark.



9 thoughts on “December “sunrise”

  1. The winter light up in the North is nice and magical. 😉 I was fascinated by it in Northern Norway as I made a journey with the Hurtigrute in winter time. So much beauty in the light. Much more beauty than Central European grey in grey. 😀

  2. The previous commenter is correct. Living in a country with only two seasons: wet and dry, it is magical to experience that special light Rejkjavik and indeed all of Iceland gives off in winter. Truly extraordinary light eggshell blue during the daylight, and cosy blue at night. As difficult as the cold may be, it has some advantages.

    • It is very cozy in the winter, which makes it seem not so bad, but would I feel that way after 6 months of it? I do like seasons and unfortunately Iceland isn’t a real 4 season place. Definitely worth a visit at different times of year to get the full picture though.

  3. Yes, lovely photo. It’s true that the winter light in Iceland is fantastic – what made Reykjavìk magic for us returning from Grìmsey on a Sunday during our winter stay was how QUIET it was – especially if one is used to London and built-up areas of South-East England. A perfect view of the bay and Esja from the hotel room with everything slathered in that epic and still blue sky. We aren’t going to Iceland for a while so thanks for the continued opportunities to live vicariously – much appreciated 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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