A walk around Eyrarbakki’s coastline

For many years, Eyrarbakki was Iceland’s main port on the south coast. It’s an interesting little village, but it’s hard to imagine being the busy, bustling place it was even 100 years ago.

It currently houses Iceland’s largest prison, and is a good location for this, with a natural border of the sea on one side.

Next stop, Antarctica

Next stop, Antarctica

Perhaps because it is a place that people have moved out of over the years, there is more “urban decay” than you would normally find in a small place.

Eyrarbakki is full of old, colourful houses. You’ll have to take my word for that, as it’s a small place it felt intrusive and personal to take photos of people’s houses.

Turf storage unit!

Turf storage unit!

If you feel like visiting, Eyrarbakki isn’t far from Selfoss, off the Ring Road. There is a famous “Red House” restaurant that apparently has very good langoustines.

The thing I liked best here was the wild nature…

Brave eider ducks in the sea

Brave eider ducks in the sea

Lupin season

Staircase to the sea

Staircase to the sea


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