The scent of Iceland

When you think of Iceland, perfume isn’t one of the first things that comes to your mind. There is a company that is looking to change this – Gydja, a fashion label, now produces three perfumes and they were nice enough to send me one to review.

Front of the box

Front of the box

The one I have tried is Eyjafjallajökull, or EFJ. This is aimed at the tourist market, being made with glacial water from Eyjafjallajökull, and with a small lava rock included around the neck of the bottle. All three perfumes have this selling point (although from different glaciers), with the aim being to inspire you with Iceland’s natural energy.

How many perfumes come with their own lava?

How many perfumes come with their own lava?

Strangely for such a seemingly Icelandic product, the box indicates that it is made in France. I asked their Marketing Director about this, and he tells me this is because there are no perfumists in Iceland, and the best ones are in France, hence why it is manufactured abroad.

Side of the box

Side of the box

On to the scent. I don’t know a lot about perfumes, but I do like the smell of this and most importantly, it stays on me for a whole day. I’ve only ever found one other brand of perfume that does this (Jo Malone) with the rest fading very quickly. So this is a very good thing! The scent is described as spicy, light and fresh with hints of citrus, vanilla, roses and bergamot.

You can buy these perfumes in Iceland of course, online and from smaller distributors in the US and Europe, and coming soon to the UK. If you’re in Iceland and see these perfumes for sale and you like the scent, it would be a unique gift for an Iceland fanatic that lasts for a long time and is a reminder of Iceland.  The company also does lovely handbags and shoes, but the perfume would be easier/cheaper to ship if you’re sending to a friend!


5 thoughts on “The scent of Iceland

  1. some of my favorite icelandic scents are by Andrea Maack. She’s the friend of a friend and I had the privilege of meeting her in her “atelier” in Reykjavik last year. To me, her “silk” perfume smells like Icelandic summer, and I love that I bought the scent directly from her. The line is now being sold all over the world but remains cheapest in Iceland, although it was also developed in France. Next time you’re in Iceland, I recommend checking it out! I don’t think it’s available in the duty free but several shops downtown have her scents.

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