Icelandic chocolate review # 6 – Rís

Rís is one of my favourite Icelandic chocolate bars and I thought I had reviewed these a long time ago. I got confused as I had only included them in the sad Christmas wish list that was one of my first posts!

I have found that all chocolate featuring cats on it is good

The Rís is another old-school bar which is basically just crispies and milk chocolate, a bit like a Nestle Crunch. I would argue it’s better as it’s all thick and chunky – just look at the size of the crispies!

Too good for words

Too good for words

The wrapper also helpfully describes it as “good…good…good”. That about sums it up. I’d give these an 8 out of 10 – I’d rank them higher, but they’re probably a bit too basic in today’s world of crazy food. Surprisingly Mr IdratherbeinIceland also ranks them as an 8/8.5 – this is the only bar we agree on. As usual he would prefer them to be dark chocolate. They are definitely in my top 3 of Icelandic chocolate, and the good news is that even the smallest chocolate sellers always seem to have them.

One note of caution – they seem to go stale very quickly. I like to buy a supply of Icelandic food and then make it last until my next trip…you can’t do this with the Rís bars as you find they are stale not long after buying them.  Maybe there are less preservatives in them than most bars?


2 thoughts on “Icelandic chocolate review # 6 – Rís

  1. This looks realy good. As I am not a sugar and sweets junkie I never tried that bar, of course. But it looks amazingly good. Btw, I tested “Draumur”. It was o.k. but for my taste was the licorice a little weak. 😉

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