Bolafjall is a mountain outside Bolungarvík with a road that you can drive up in July-August. As with many mountain roads it is steep without a lot of room to get over for other cars.

The view from the top is really spectacular. For once, you are as high up as the top of all the other mountains, rather than always skirting around the outside of mountains as you drive.

Formerly a US radar station, this area is now used by the Icelandic Coastguard.

Because you are so high up, it is very windy. You need to do this drive on a clear day, as even just a bit of “weather” would seriously reduce visibility. Actually, I can’t do the wind justice with words. Let’s just say it’s pretty scary up there with the wind howling around you and nothing to grab on to!

I was surprised at how short a time another car stayed up there, after all the effort to get up the road. I think they just couldn’t cope with the wind. So maybe this detour isn’t for everyone, but if you have a decent car, brave driver and strong legs, it’s recommended!


8 thoughts on “Bolafjall

  1. Awesome pictures. 🙂

    That last sign, with the dude plummeting off the cliff, is a little intimidating. With strong winds and a sign like that, I can see why some folks wouldn’t want to stay. 😛 I’d love to do it, though!

  2. So, this looks pretty nice. The views are absolutely phantastic. To be prepared for strong winds is always a good idea in Iceland. 😉 But I have to say this year we had only little wind by comparision to last summer. Have a nice day!

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