Natural History Museum, Bolungarvík

I wanted to visit the Natural History Museum in Bolungarvík partly because they have a stuffed polar bear, and partly because it features in the film Nói the Albino. Bolungarvík is a remote fishing village in the Westfjords.

Despite being on the main street, the museum was actually a little hard to get into as it turns out the entrance is on the side of the building and not the front. It’s in something like a mall and shares the building with a hairdressers amongst others.



I was pleasantly surprised at how well put together the Museum actually is once inside. There is one display area with animals (pictured below) and a larger section with birds. I’m not particularly into taxidermy but I must say some of the birds are really well done. They are in a wide array of poses and some of them are so tiny they must have been hard to work with.

Polar bear and friends

Polar bear and friends

They also had quite a lot of information up about the tunnels in the area and how they were made. If there’s one thing I discovered on this holiday it’s how much I love tunnels! So I found all this detail about the work that went into digging them and how dangerous the old roads were in terms of landslides and avalanches really fascinating.

A small specialist museum can either be extremely dull or inspiring – luckily for me, this museum fell into the latter category.

A range of eggs from a particular bird - I forget which bird!

A range of eggs from a particular bird – I forget which bird!

You can see more pictures from the museum’s website.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised (or disappointed) by a random museum anywhere?


9 thoughts on “Natural History Museum, Bolungarvík

  1. We had the chance to visit this museum as we bought a ticket to the open air museum Ósvör. But we wasn’t in the mood for it in that moment. Maybe because a big bus full of cruise ship tourists blocked nearly the whole small parking place in front of Ósvör. And I was really pissed off. :/ Luckywise they left the area soon and we had if for ourselves. But I didn’t felt like to meet the tourist masses at the Natural History Museum again.
    But as I see it now in your blog post, I wish we had visited it. It looks nice and I am really interested in this tunnel thing. So, next time! 😉
    Happy weekend! 😀

    • I must admit we didn’t visit Ósvör. This was my executive decision. I just didn’t think the content would be that interesting. I don’t know if there were cruise ships there that day! Trust me, there were no tourists at this museum except us. I felt a bit bad about that.

  2. There is a Al Capone museum near Couderay Wisconsin that is mostly a tourist trap, but it does have Al Capone’s “Hideout Cabin”. Surprisingly humble, it was part of a complex which included holding cells, guard towers and an unknown number of bodies in the adjacent lake.

    Of course, how could I ever forget the penis museum!

  3. Generally pleasantly surprised. Usually if they have the nerve to write “museum” on their building there is something worth seeing. I am also curious about the tunnel thing.

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