Beware of oncoming traffic

This is the road to Árneshreppur, which has the lowest population of any populated area in Iceland. It’s well worth a drive down here to see the driftwood and Djúpavík (separate posts to follow).

There is potential for landslides in several places on this road, and in fact the road can be impassable for weeks at a time in winter. You’d really need to be good at planning ahead to live here! I love places like this.


9 thoughts on “Beware of oncoming traffic

  1. Oh yes, this road can be scary on some places because of the danger of landslides. It was exciting to drive, but I really enjoyed it more and more with every single mile we drove. I’m looking forward to your oncoming posts.

  2. I love places like this too — I call them ‘last places’ because they are, they’re the last places at the end of the line. I can’t claim credit for the term: it’s thanks to a book called “Last Places: a journey in the North” by Lawrence Millman, published in 2000. FInd a 2nd hand copy or go to the library or something, he’s a madman who travels (travelled…) all across the north yes incl. Iceland, Greenland, Siberia, Alaska, Canada, who speaks it seems more than 1 indigenous language and always sought out the ‘last places’ and the adventures that go with them — can eager to see your succeeding posts from this place

  3. I want to second the suggestion of IcelandPenny. “Last Places” by Lawrence Millman is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I pick it up every year and re-read it. It constantly surprises and amazes me.

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